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Conservative Artists: Crowdfund It and They Will Come

Conservative Artists: Crowdfund It and They Will Come

Crowdfunding is a great liberal idea–that might just be the saving of conservatives. So crowdfunding, for those who don’t know–and many conservatives don’t–is a new way of funding a creative project if you want to record an album, publish a

EXCLUSIVE: Questions Arise Surrounding Michael Moore Attack Claims

Filmmaker Michael Moore, has just published a new book. It’s called “Here Comes Trouble” and (with his permission) the UK Guardian last week published an excerpt. The Guardian extract focused on the period after Moore’s famous 2003 Oscar acceptance speech

Does Michael Moore Hate Working People?

And does the self-proclaimed defender of the working and middle classes actually know anything about them and how they live? My questions were prompted after a “letter from Michael Moore” popped into my inbox. It was promoting the DVD launch

'The Acceleration of Disbelief,' Starring 'Floor Mat' Al Gore

It has been fascinating to observe how a multinational corporation that is so popular and trusted can be so flatfooted and incapable of responding to a crisis. Like many of these crises it started small. The corporation seemed invincible and

Earthquakes Don't Kill Haitians – Underdevelopment Does

It is only a matter of time before Environmentalists and some scientists blame the Haiti earthquake and its massive death toll on Global Warming. They have already laid the groundwork with this Sept 2009 article in the UK Guardian newspaper.

Enviros Use ACORN Tactics and Attack the Journalist (Literally)

It really is a great time to be an independent journalist/filmmaker. With the mainstream media devoting to trying to turn policy differences into racism it leaves the task of asking hard questions to people in power open to the rest

'Law & Order' UK: White Landlord Did It

The first episode of “Law & Order” UK has just ended on British television. Spreading the franchise across the pond does have difficulties because of the differing legal systems but it still stays close to the setting and pacing of

Why Small Irish Eyes Need Big Hollywood

Everywhere they go Irish children endure politics disguised as education or entertainment. The Irish Times is, like the New York Times, the country’s most influential newspaper. They recently teamed up with Irish government’s overseas aid department and produced an educational