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The Oscars are Important

While watching the Academy Awards last night, I got to thinking about what an important role the Oscars play in our global community. And of course, there’s no more blatant case in point of Hollywood’s positive impact on society than

Mickey Rourke

He needs a Shamwow for that hair

please please no

Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway; Please, not Anne Hathaway;

Heath Ledger's family

little late with the intervention, don’t you think folks?

Curious Case

Meryl Streep is definitely aging forward

Jack was bored?

He was standing next to Jennifer Anniston. Had his hand on her back. He wasn’t bored, he was in teststeronical shock. What a babe. She should date me. I could make her happy.


The tune-in for the Oscars telecast in India is so huge that if you call to book a flight tonight, an American answers the phone.

technical award

Marissa Tomei’s bra just won for Best Supporting

Anne Hathaway

Her eyes are following me around the room again. But seriously, do people REALLY think she’s good looking? I simply do not get it. She’s a bag of antlers. When are we going to stop this skinny/skank look? Take a

Akmed's Heroes

So I’m having lunch with my buddy Sandy Frank, and we’re laughing about his idea to update ‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ but have the series set in Guantanamo Bay Prison. You know, a guy pulls back his prayer rug, revealing a tunnel

The Obama Hollywood Fallout

Good news for anyone connected to President Obama: Hollywood may soon be calling. That’s right, not just the rich, famous or politically connected; but your average, everyday working person with some sort of connection to the newly installed First Family

Tomorrow's Inauguration and Comedians

Talk show writers and hosts, including “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” have been lamenting how they would love to bust President-elect Barack Obama’s chops more, but he just doesn’t do anything to

Dead, Divorced, Married, Pregnant, Or In Jail

I saw “Gran Torino” finally and it put me in a mood. I see where Paris Hilton says she’s only slept with “a couple of people;” but I’m guessing it’s because the rest of them told her to leave right

Obama Tax Cut Plan Is Genius

Remember the first time Barack Obama went on TV and said he was going to cut taxes for 95% of all Americans and we all kind of snickered – even Democrats? I thought to myself, ‘boy, he’s done now —

Anne Hathaway Demands Explanation For Rick Warren

I’m not one of these guys that say actors, celebrities, talented musicians or The Dixie Chicks should shut up and not chime in on political issues. Trust me, when I become rich and famous this fall, I’m gonna be screaming

Opie Taylor — Go To Your Room

When I was a kid, I was watching TV with my father after he got home from work one night and he boldly proclaimed, “You watch, Nixon is gonna quit.” And sure enough, he did. I was amazed. My dad