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NY Assembly Candidate Decries 'Negrohood' Crime

NY Assembly Candidate Decries 'Negrohood' Crime

Democrat Ben Akselrod, a candidate for New York 45th Assembly seat, sent out thousands of mailers to constituents forewarning about the increase crime in the “Negrohood”: I am running for Assembly because I believe the number one job of that

Food Stamp Inc.: How SNAP Benefits Enrich Crony Capitalists

Food Stamp Inc.: How SNAP Benefits Enrich Crony Capitalists

Advocates for big government have attacked a proposal by House Republicans to cut SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which use to be known as food stamps. The proposed cuts would be $1.6 billion, or roughly 2 percent of the yearly

Is There Life for Mitt After Florida?

In polls taken after Newt Gingrich’s massive victory in South Carolina , the former speaker has seen his numbers skyrocket, both nationally and in the next primary state, Florida. In the Sunshine State, Gingrich holds a commanding lead over Romney

The Mitt Romney Electability Myth

The single most recurring campaign slogan that Mitt Romney has reiterated to atomism is that he is the most electable and can beat President Obama. The mainstream right-wing pundits have concurred. Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, and Meghan McCain along with

Catholics Shifting to Romney?

Despite the best efforts of Rick Santorum, so far in this early primary cycle, Mitt Romney is winning over the ultimate swing voters–Catholics. In Iowa, Romney won 10 of the 25 most Catholic counties in the state. In New Hampshire,

Will an Open Primary Sink Romney in New Hampshire?

Mitt Romney currently maintains a long-standing lead in New Hampshire, according to the Real Clear Politics polling average, 17 point ahead of Newt Gingrich and 18 points to Ron Paul. This is not surprising, as Romney has lived in New