Seth Swirsky

Column: MLB Making an Error With Instant Replay

Column: MLB Making an Error With Instant Replay

Starting next year, Major League Baseball (MLB) will institute limited instant replay to decide close plays and the, on the whole, rare missed-calls by its professional umpires. I say Boooo! While all of us want all the calls to be

My Sing-a-Long with Davy Jones

There are certain songs that, when you hear them, they make you happy no matter what mood you are in. “Daydream Believer” (“cheer up sleepy Jean…”) was one of those songs. It was sung by Davy Jones during his days

It's No Wonder People Are Angry!

In response to the outrage at the Leftist Congress that has been voiced by ordinary Americans in Town Hall events around the country, the Democrats have opted – typically – not to address the peoples’ concerns, but rather to demonize

When In Doubt, Blame Bush

President Obama’s first 30 some-odd days have not been something to write home about. Of course, he did inherit a financial crisis, but he’s clearly made it worse with his Jimmy Carteresque doom-and-gloom talk. His poorly-vetted cabinet picks have been

Why Should Obama's Poor Cabinet Choices Surprise Anyone?

Candidate Obama chose to be friends with William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist. Yet, the leftist media thought it was more important to “vet” Bristol Palin’s boyfriend’s family. Candidate Obama chose to allow Tony Rezko, now an indicted felon, to loan