Susan Swift

Susan Swift

The Lean Green Obamachine

Energy crisis. Obesity crisis. Climate crisis. Unemployment crisis. The solution came to me in a rerun. What do high gas prices, global warming, high youth employment, and child obesity have in common? The lack of a government solution. I’ve found

Media Blackout on Soros' New World Order

Kudos to Media Research Center V.P. Dan Gainor for revealing a troubling media blackout surrounding socialist gazillioniare and media manipulator George Soros’ plan to undermine American capitalism. From Mr. Gainor’s article entitled “Unreported Soros Event Aims to Remake Entire Global

Brazil's Anti-Obama Riots Ignored by Media

A U.S. President beset by angry mobs screaming “Yankee Imperialist Go Home”, exploding Molotov cocktails, rubber bullets, tear gas, riot police. In 2007 the MSNBC headline screamed “Protests greet Bush upon arrival in Brazil” and The Guardian one-upped it with

With 2nd O'Keefe Video, Is NPR's Tax-Exempt Status at Risk?

NPR can and will survive the firings of execs Ron and Vivian Schiller. It can even survive Congressional “defunding.” But NPR could never survive the loss of its tax-exempt status…and that is the issue implicated in James O’Keefe’s second undercover

Without Planned Parenthood, Who Wouldn't Be Here Today?

Planned Parenthood’s newest ad campaign urges Senators to restore its public funding recently stripped by House vote. The ad portrays PP as a life-saving organization with a woman’s poignant quote: “Without Planned Parenthood, I wouldn’t be here today.” It’s unclear

Spot That Pimp! Planned Parenthood Founder's Lost Training Film

In a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s seeming complicity with pimps of underage girls, Planned Parenthood cleaned house. It fired one manager and prominently announced nationwide “retraining.” LiveAction exposed an embarassing blind spot in Planned Parenthood’s clinic services:

Defanging the Progressives' Media Hydra

A few weeks ago I attended the Walk-for-Life in San Francisco, having volunteered to drive a large group of high school students to the event. On arrival, I dropped them off near the rally kick-off point. Having no prior experience,

Lila Rose's Third Video Prompts Planned Parenthood to "Retrain"

Lila Rose’s has released the third video in the growing series of Planned Parenthood public relations nightmares. The just-released third video illustrates how staff at a Bronx PP facility in New York coached an undercover pimp and prostitute team

WSJ showcases Dilbert's Bad Ideas On How to Tax the Rich

Over the weekend, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, Scott Adams, graced us troglodytes with his condescending wit in the Wall Street Journal with a piece entitled “How To Tax the Rich.” Extolling the creative virtues employed by comedy writers

Make-Believe Media Ignores Jared Lee Loughner Wannabe

On Friday, police arrested a radical forty-something male for attempting to murder dozens of state employees. Hardly a hot-headed gun wielding teenager, this man. Over the last year and a half, Martin Calvin Yarbrough, Jr. allegedly plotted and planned to

The Social Network of Vitriol

In case you missed the latest example of vitriol within the social media of Facebook, witness “I Hate it When I Wake Up and Sarah Palin is Still Alive” page: Below is the enlargement of its original sicko profile picture

Make-Believe Media Uses Tragedy To Attack Private Citizens

Barely hours after the tragic massacre in Arizona, the Make-Believe Media has wasted no time launching a convulsive smear attack against its traditional targets — gun rights advocates, Tea Partiers, “birthers,” anti-illegal immigration advocates, and most personally against Sarah Palin.

Politico Exposes TSA Scanners' Illusion of Safety

Hats off to Politico’s Roger Simon for pointing out that TSA Empress Napolitano has no clothes. She has no real plan for catching terrorists; she’s just hoping to “discourage” them while spending vast sums of taxpayer dollars buying really expensive

Christmas Day Burqa Bomber Flies Under News Radar

Just in time for Christmas, Muslim terrorists deployed a new weapon: the Burqa. But few in the American Make-Believe Media seem impressed. In fact, coverage of the Burqa Bomber by Reuters and CBS News was dwarfed by that of traditional

Economic Terrorism and the Anti-Reagan

It’s September 10 all over again.We are on the verge of another “man-made disaster.” For the past two years, Democrats have fought an economic jihad against capitalism, implanting fiscal IEDs in our healthcare and financial industries, decapitating small businesses with

Media Matters Was for Investigating Voting Fraud Before It Was Against It

Nevada, South Carolina, Illinois, New York, Florida, Arizona… anecdotal stories keep popping up detailing perceived instances of voting irregularities just days before the midterm elections. Credible eyewitness accounts show problems that would seem to justify serious investigation. But not all

Make-Believe Media Embrace the New Women's L.I.B.

2010 has already proven two immutable political facts. First and foremost, it proves that Conservative Women have astonishing courage and guts to endure so honorably the unprecedented hate attacks from the Left and Make-Believe Media. Second, it proves (yet again)

Jihad Journalism: Sharia for the Make-Believe Media's Iman Soros

What NPR did in terminating Juan Williams was a high profile act of journalistic terrorism. It was a professional beheading with the goal of instilling fear so that other lesser reporters and journalists who might dare associate on Fox News

National Organization of W…

Jerry Brown’s campaign conspired to commit political rape, calling Meg Whitman, his female political opponent, a “whore.” And he got N.O.W.’s political endorsement for doing so. The liberal beauty mask is so off the wrinkled, geriatric, age-spotted National Organization of

Make-Believe Media Finally Catching a Clue about the Tea Party

The Make-Believe Media is finally admitting what we knew at least eight months ago: the Tea Party is taking over the GOP. Actually, reviving the GOP and reestablishing its original principles, but the MBM needs a scary angle, and piracy