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Things I Learned from TV Christmas Specials

As a child I always looked forward to that annual rite of the holiday season: the prime time broadcast of animated Christmas specials. I’m not sure why these meant so much to me–some of them were downright bizarre. Now that

'War is a Drug': The Quote That Fooled Leftist Critics

Usually when I’m moved to write a searingly original piece for Big Hollywood, I do a quick search of the Internet to see if my thoughts might not really be as groundbreaking as I thought. More often than not, I

Who You Calling Republican?

I opened TimeOut NY magazine this morning and saw that I was featured in their “Essential New York” issue. Excellent. I’m overjoyed, as most performers are when they get some press. Now among the other nice things in their profile,

Warning: This Post is Not Funny

A lot has been written lately about how comedy writers are having a hard time finding humor in President Obama. “He’s just too competent,” they say. The answer is obvious. They, on the left, are having trouble making fun of

Everybody Lay off Janeane!

I like her. And yes, she is funny. If you’ve only seen her on political talk shows, you’re going to have to take my word for it. I did a show with her in NYC the other night, and she

Thank You, Sean

I wanted to see Mickey Rourke win that award, but Sean Penn did not disappoint. He brought a triple helping of “colossal self-righteous blowhard” to the table-just what this broadcast was lacking. “Thank you for this award, and it sure

Good Parents Wait a Few Decades For a 'Thanks, Dad!'

There is a public service announcement that runs on TV from time to time, I can’t remember what organization it is for, but it goes like this: A man sits in his easy chair reading the paper. His tween-age daughter

Big Hollywood Readers, Admit It

We’re glad. Despite witnessing the unprecedented sycophancy of the past few days. Despite the fact that our friends are walking around with silly grins on their faces like they’ve been popping tabs of ecstasy. Despite having to listen to breathless

Fake Crash Pilot Obviously Not a Movie Fan

Hey, Marcus Schrenker (formerly the missing pilot guy), what were you thinking? You want to disappear off the face of the earth and go into hiding, and this is how you do it? Let me get this straight; Your plan

Boycott George Clooney? How Un-American!

This recent attempt at a SAG Awards’ boycott of eight actors by some Hollywood members of the Screen Actors Guild got me thinking about an Oscar night from almost ten years ago when the Academy was honoring Elia Kazan with

Hollywood On The Recession: Told You So

Have you heard? According to this story in the Guardian, Hollywood is geared up and ready for the recession, and it seems they are eager to entertain us with a series of big-budget “I told you so’s”. Baz Luhrmann is

First Name in News You Can Use

This CNN video shows us that in these tough economic times, there is only one place to turn for tips on how to live well-Communism. Watching this report from Havana, it almost seems fun living under totalitarian rule-Cubans are certainly