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World Needs Alternative to Obama's Syria Failure

The number of people killed in Syria will soon reach genocidal levels. Tens of thousands of civilians, including children, women and the elderly, have been massacred by the Assad regime since spring 2011. That jihadi militias are present and have

World Needs Alternative to Obama's Syria Failure

Mitt Romney's Cutting-Edge Middle East Strategy

As the US electoral process grinds on and Republican primary debates fold into state primaries and caucuses, candidates’ views on national security and foreign policy are being carefully scrutinized by voters who consider them crucial components of the total policy

Middle East Studies Failed to Predict and Address the "Arab Spring"

When the young Tunisian burned himself in protest against authoritarian oppression and lack of economic justice, triggering massive demonstrations in this small North African country, commentators hesitated to coin the movement as an Arab Spring. It took months and events

Iran's MAD Strategy Has Strategic Rationale

My first book, The Iranian Islamic Revolution, published way back in 1986, dealt with the historicity of the 1979 Khomeinist Revolution in Iran. In it, I exposed the Khomeinist regime’s long-term ambitions and revisionist account of events that led to

Iran Botched Act Of War In Washington

For the Iranian regime to attempt a terror strike on American soil, and particularly in Washington DC, including a high profile assassination and blowing up two important Middle Eastern embassies, it means that the Ayatollahs have crossed the conventional red

Arab Spring Christians Massacred In Cairo

The credibility of the Arab Spring took a bloody hit today (Sunday October 9th) when Egyptian Army forces shot dead more than thirty Christian Copts and wounded scores of them. In addition, the action by the Army was paralleled by

Al Awlaki Is Gone But His Jihadists Are Multiplying

Imam Anwar al Awlaki held two important positions in the cobweb of international Jihadi terror. First, he was one of the emerging younger leaders of al Qaeda after the killing of Osama Bin Laden. Out of Yemen, from which his

Ten Years After 9/11: The Jihadis Are Winning The War

A decade after the jihadi strikes against America’s military and financial centers at the hands of al-Qaida, the question remains: Have we won the war? In the ongoing, debate, we see two camps. One stating that we were defeating the

Post Qaddafi: Insurgency And Jihad Against Democracy

By seizing Tripoli and fighting what’s left of the pockets of resistance of Qaddafi forces, Libyan rebels have now almost dislodged the old regime and are expected to begin building their own government. The most pressing question within the international

What Strategic Revelations Should The Bin Laden Files Provide?

The free world has waited patiently for 10 to 20 years to learn the master plan of international jihadism’s “al-Za’im,” (English: “the leader”) Osama bin Laden. Because Seal Team Six dropped in on the al-Qaida leader’s Abbottabad domicile unannounced, he

The Taliban Plan for Afghanistan: It's Takeover

Before and after President Barack Obama announced the new U.S. strategy on Afghanistan, I engaged in a variety of media panels and private discussions with commentators and analysts from Arab and Muslim-majority regions of the world. Some of the individuals

Muslim Brotherhood: Riding the Crest of Arab Spring

In my most recent book, The Coming Revolution: Struggle for Freedom in the Middle East (completed July 4, 2010), I argued that civil societies in the Greater Middle East (GME) and Arab World had reached a “critical stage” in their