Warren's Weaseling Par for the Course in Academia, Massachusetts

Warren's Weaseling Par for the Course in Academia, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren has finally admitted she is the one who listed herself as Native-American both at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

This information seemingly proves that Warren was dishonest in her earlier claims to ignorance of how she came to be listed as Native-American by each university.

I am not shocked that a lefty academic would do such a thing. I know how fixated academia is on diversity. Universities collect different minorities like children collect dolls and action figures. It is a bragging right to say you have a “Native-American” here and an “Argentinian” there. Why wouldn’t Warren fulfill these desires by passing along dubious data about herself?

To be fair, there’s a chance that Warren actually believed she was part Cherokee and gleefully marked the box she thought applied to her. However, this does not explain, nor excuse, her apparent dishonesty after the fact. No matter to Governor Deval Patrick, who has stepped in pre-convention to endorse Warren, a move that has raised the ire of state Democrats, including Warren’s potential primary opponent Marisa DeFranco. Local media in Boston has not been silent, nor polite, on the move or the entire Warren affair.

Watching Deval Patrick run interference for Warren was pure farce. Watch carefully when Patrick says, “Even when we don’t like the question, we gotta let it be asked.” Warren gives a nod, a clap, and a “yes,” her eyes darting around the room as Patrick carefully crafts his rhetoric. Then, in a moment of pure hubris, neither Patrick nor Warren answer the question. They merely spew talking points aimed at cashing in come election day. Gee, thankfully they respected the people’s right to ask the question.

Watching Warren’s disjointed body language and listening to her clueless rhetoric makes it plausible that she might be a person who looks in the mirror and assumes the blue-eyed Caucasian looking back at her is of Native-American ancestry.

This little bit of disingenuous political theater by Warren and Patrick defines professional politics and honestly, considering this is the same state which kept Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate for over 45 years, Massachusetts deserves these two bumbling F-list actors.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, Warren is trying to weasel her way into the national government.