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Warren's Weaseling Par for the Course in Academia, Massachusetts

Warren's Weaseling Par for the Course in Academia, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Warren has finally admitted she is the one who listed herself as Native-American both at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania. This information seemingly proves that Warren was dishonest in her earlier claims to ignorance of how she came to

Berkeley Cop Intimidates Reporter Over Story

Berkeley Cop Intimidates Reporter Over Story

In disturbing, yet not unexpected news, the police chief of Berkeley CA sent a uniformed police officer to a reporter’s home at 12:45 a.m. in order to have the reporter change the content of an online story he had written hours earlier.

Bachmann Responds to Migraine Story

Browsing Gateway Pundit today, I ran across Michele Bachmann’s response to the hit piece that accused the Minnesota Congresswoman of suffering from “stress-related” chronic migraine headaches that “incapacitate” her and which she combats with “heavy pill use.” I fully expected

Larry Flynt on Journalistic Integrity

Larry Flynt recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post lambasting Rupert Murdoch. In this piece, Flynt paints a stark contrast between his publishing practices and Murdoch’s regarding privacy: Murdoch “did not just cross the line – he erased it,”

Why Ron Paul Matters

In a recent Washington Post op-ed, Michael Gerson opines that Ron Paul’s statements in the South Carolina GOP debate amounts to a philosophy that … …is Social Darwinism. It is the arrogance of the strong. It is contempt for the

Is Journalism School Pointless?

From Columbia University’s Journalism School’s website, a statement of their purpose for training journalists: …finding out the truth of complicated situations, usually under a time constraint, and communicating it in a clear, engaging fashion to the public. Similar rhetoric from

Krugman: "Obama is Missing"

In his latest NY Times op-ed, Paul Krugman asks, “What have they done with President Obama?” Krugman longs for the day when President Obama was forceful and transformational, as if that rhetorical facade had any substance in the first place.

Chris Matthews: Romney's a Joke, Huckabee's a Racist, Bachmann's an Idiot

Appearing on Jay Leno this week, Chris Matthews offered his expertise on a few of the potential Republican presidential nominees. I was really looking forward to some top-notch analysis from MSNBC’s first chair clarinet. Sadly, the “Hardball” pundit merely went

Palin and the "Conservative Intelligentsia" Backlash

A recent Politico piece focusing on a “conservative intelligentsia” backlash against Sarah Palin playing identity politics gleans this nugget from George Will: Asked if the GOP would remain the party of ideas if Palin captures the nomination, Will said: “The

Wisconsin 2011: Smorgasbord of Outrage!!!

Let’s see … regarding Wisconsin so far, we’ve had Michael Moore calling the GOP/public school teacher saga a “class war,” even though the teachers are highly-educated professionals with retirements, great health care, and other benefits, Jesse Jackson making parallels to

LA Times Reagan Hit Piece: A 'Terrible President'

Michael Kinsley, in response to the current TIME cover story, which claims that Obama is channeling Ronald Reagan, concludes in a recent LA Times op-ed that: Reagan, with his sunny disposition amid catastrophe, taught Americans that it will all be

Is Palin Done? They Wish

Sarah Palin’s detractors in the media are certainly prone to wishful thinking concerning the Cuda’s potential as the Republican nominee in 2012. Since Palin’s statement on the Tucson tragedy, some have written her off as a serious contender for the

Credit Where It's Due: Jon Stewart's Voice of Reason

Andrew Potter at Mediaite took a serious swipe at Jon Stewart this week, dragging “The Daily Show” host over the proverbial coals for not doing his job in the wake of the Tucson massacre: [Stewart] …instead of taking sides, placing

Media: We Are Totally Confused By the Constitution

Dahlia Lithwick’s recent piece in Slate had me cringing almost immediately when she mashed this out from her keyboard: the Constitution is always going to raise more questions than it answers and confound more readers than it comforts. Frankly, I’m

You Learn Racial Arts!

This exchange from PBS featured on Newsbusters regarding illegal immigration and the DREAM Act caught my attention: [GORDON]PETERSON: Jimmy Tingle said if they all looked like Norwegians, there’d be no problem, Mark. MARK SHIELDS: I think there, I think there’s

Is John Boehner Deranged?

In a recent NY Times Op-Ed titled “The Crying Game”, Gail Collins claims a double standard regarding Speaker of the House-elect John Boehner’s propensity to open up the waterworks and what would happen if outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi did the

What Exactly Are the Qualifications for Being President?

What Exactly Are the Qualifications for Being President? This story on the Huffington Post caught my attention this recently: Barbara Walters asks Oprah if Sarah Palin is qualified to be president and Oprah declines to answer. Walters takes this as

American Exceptionalism: Who Owns It?

In a recent LA Times Op-Ed, NYU’s Jonathan Zimmerman argues that the idea of American exceptionalism rests in the American Left’s fight for social justice. Straight away, Zimmerman draws his battle lines: Left = exceptional social warriors, Right = arrogance.

My Temporary Embrace of Palinphobia

I’ve decided to embrace my repressed hostility toward the Palin clan. I want to see what it’s like on the other side of the ‘Cuda divide. Humor me now: This recent picture of Sarah Palin on a trip to Haiti

Palin: Reductio Ad Absurdum

In her recent New York Times piece, Maureen Dowd conjures an interesting take from the latest episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, an episode which features Palin out caribou hunting with her father: Sarah’s view of America is primitive. You’re either