Mall Reacts to Terror Threat by Demanding Shoppers Remain Unarmed

AP/Star Tribune, Jerry Holt
AP/Star Tribune, Jerry Holt

Over the weekend, the Somalia terror group al-Shabaab released a video calling for attacks that included targeting Minnesota’s Mall of America (MOA). In response, MOA reminded shoppers that law-abiding citizens with concealed carry handgun permits are barred from carrying guns on their premises for self-defense.

MOA issued this reminder in response to a citizen named Sarah, who reacted to al-Shabaab’s threat by suggesting shoppers should “bust out the concealed carry permits” and go about their day as usual.

MOA then tweeted: “Hi Sarah. The mall bans all guns from the premises, you’ll note this clearly at each entrance door.”

Does MOA think terrorists’s intent on killing innocents will leave their guns in the car because a sign at the door says no guns allowed?

Did MOA fail to note that the attacks at Fort Hood (2009), the Aurora movie theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, DC Navy Yard, LAX, Purdue University, and Fort Hood (2014), all had one thing in common—they took place in locations where law-abiding citizens were barred from carrying guns for self-defense.

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