Mall of America

Malls on Alert After Terror Threat; LAPD Says Not to Worry

American mall-goers may think twice about heading out shopping since Somali terror group Al-Shabaab’s threat on U.S. shopping centers, specifically Minnesota’s Mall of America. San Diego has been connected to multiple terror suspects, a fact which raises questions about the

Chief Beck, LAPD (Damain Dovarganes / Associated Press)

Gutfeld: ‘Gun-Free Is Music to the Ears of Fiends’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld declared “the phrase ‘gun-free zone’ is liberal for ‘sitting duck.’ Gun-free is music to the ears of fiends who target the unarmed on purpose” on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Five.” “So, Somali terrorists have


Mall Reacts to Terror Threat by Demanding Shoppers Remain Unarmed

Over the weekend, the Somalia terror group al-Shabaab released a video calling for attacks that included targeting Minnesota’s Mall of America (MOA). In response, MOA reminded shoppers that law-abiding citizens with concealed carry handgun permits are barred from carrying guns on their premises for self-defense.

AP/Star Tribune, Jerry Holt