Conservatives Shame John Kasich’s Misuse of the Bible to Defend Medicaid Expansion

John Kasich
The Associated Press

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich got a rocky reception from leading conservative economists and media representatives in a New York City gathering, with one questioning whether Kasich thinks opponents of Medicaid expansion “are going to hell.”

Kasich’s frequent use of the Bible to justify the expansion — made possible by Obamacare — didn’t sit well with many at the exclusive gathering in the tony Four Seasons restaurant on Wednesday night, especially Avik Roy, Manhattan Institute senior fellow and a Forbesopinion editor.

“He’s really calling into question the character and the motivation of those who disagree with him on the Medicaid expansion, pretty much literally saying that you’re going to rot in hell if you didn’t agree,” Roy told The Dispatch on Thursday when asked about his open challenge of Kasich the night before.

“I would say that it’s highly probable that many conservative Christians will be offended that they’re not good Christians if they don’t support a massive expansion of government health care. I would say that’s almost disqualifying in a Republican primary.”

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