Conservatives Make Their Voices Heard in Breitbart Primary


Conservatives are jumping at the chance to have their voices heard by voting in the Breitbart Primary. With more than a dozen serious Republican candidates to choose from, conservatives Breitbart News spoke with are excited about this new tool.

Tea Party activist Kris Hall told us, “It’s a really well designed system. I’m looking forward to seeing how the poll changes month-to-month. Senator Cruz is currently leading in the poll but seems to be catching a lot of heat for his Obamatrade vote, I’m curious to see how he’ll fair when the poll is reset next month.”

2nd Amendment activist Greg Campbell was also interested to see how the poll develops over time. “It’s so early in the process and their are so many good candidates this go around that it’ll be extremely useful to know how the BASE of the party is responding to the political winds,” he said.

Breitbart readers have also weighed in on the system, saying “Glad to see my views represented,” and calling the poll “A useful tool, maybe more will participate in our republic.”

The Breitbart Primary allows people to select their top three candidates once per voting period.  You can take the poll at