Donald Trump Snags Top Rick Perry Adviser As Former Texas Governor’s Campaign Struggles

Washington, DC

A well known conservative Iowa operative left GOP presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign this week and jumped on board GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s team, according to the Washington Post.

Sam Clovis will now serve as Trump’s policy advisor and national co-chairman.

“I had an opportunity to get to know Mr. Trump over the past several months,” Clovis stated. “I have some close friends working on the campaign. It’s a great opportunity for me to effect change in Washington, and I think Mr. Trump is exactly the person to do that.”

Recently, the Perry campaign began paying some campaign staffers again. It had run short of funds earlier in the month.

Perry has repeatedly targeted Trump on the campaign trail. But that seems to have backfired, as the former Texas governor has fallen behind badly even in his home state. Clovis stated Perry’s views of Trump don’t represent his own.

“I think it’s more the fact that I had a chance to talk with Mr. Trump, and Gov. Perry speaks for Gov. Perry, I think that’s probably the best way to say that,” Clovis stated.

According to Politico, Chuck Laudner, an operative that worked with Clovis in 2012 for Rick Santorum recruited Clovis. Laudner is currently assisting the Trump campaign.