John Kasich’s Iran Deal Criteria Requires He Tears Up the Agreement on Day One

John Kasich
The Associated Press
Washington, DC

John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio and GOP nominee for President, has previously insisted that his primary opponents are “playing to a crowd” and “inexperienced” when they suggest that on day one in the oval office, they would rip the Iran deal to shreds.

This led CNN moderator Jake Tapper to challenge Kasich on his position in Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate.

Kasich responded that he would be willing to give the Iran deal a fair chance and see if Tehran would hold up their end of the bargain before giving up on President Obama’s accord with the Ayatollah’s regime.

“They have to be steady. If they cheat, you slap the sanctions back on. If they help Hamas and Hezbollah, we slap the sanctions back on,” Kasich said.

“And if we find out that they may be developing a nuclear weapon, then the military option is on the table. We are stronger when we work with the Western civilization, our friends in Europe, and just doing it on our own, I don’t think is the right policy,” he added.

Now, according to the Ohio Governor’s own criteria, a President Kasich should reject the Iran deal immediately and wholeheartedly.

Iran continues to “help” Hamas and Hezbollah, and the regime braggadociously talks about its dealings with the terror groups on an almost-daily basis.

In plain language, Iran’s Defense Minister said earlier this month: “We will not stop material or spiritual support for Hezbollah or any other resistance organizations that are fighting the U.S. and the Zionist regime.”

And in August, in a show of utmost support for Hezbollah, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif flew to Lebanon to meet with its terror chief, Hassan Nasrallah.

“Iran has always stood by the Resistance Front [Hezbollah] against the Zionist regime and has supported the glorious moves by Lebanese, Palestinian and Arab and Muslim Brothers,” Zarif declared.

Iran’s material support for Hamas has also shown no signs of stopping.

Earlier in September, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani bragged that Hamas can thank Iran for the advanced missiles it received during its 2014 war with Israel.

As the official spokesperson for the regime’s Foreign Ministry, Marzieh Afkham stated around the same time-period that Iran supports Hamas and other groups that “stand against the Zionist regime” and that it “is a principle of Iran’s policy.”

If the aforementioned statements do not provide clarity for Gov. Kasich regarding the regime’s continuing stance on terrorist groups, he should listen to a recent video produced by the office of Iran’s ‘Supreme Leader,’ Ali Khamenei, titled: “if any war happens.” The video features an animation of two missiles complemented by photos of the Hezbollah flag and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah.

Additionally, on August 17, Khamenei referred to Hamas and Hezbollah when he stated that Iran continues to support “resistance in Palestine and the region” against the “Zionist regime.”

If John Kasich is true to his word, he should tear up the Iran deal on day one, given that Iran most certainly continues to “help” Hamas and Hezbollah following the nuclear deal’s passage in July.