Media Race-Hoax Debunked: Polls Prove Trump Supporters Are Not Racist

Donald Trump
AP Photo/LM Otero

We keep hearing from the mainstream media and their allies among the Republican Establishment about how racist, sexist and nativist supporters of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump are. The polls prove that talking point is nothing more than yet another fabricated race hoax.

Guess who benefits most if Trump exits the race?

Yep, women and minorities:

But what would happen if the “current front-runner” aka Trump were out?  The Fox poll asks voters their second choice candidate, which allows us to look at what happens to the race if someone were to get out. For instance, if Trump gets out, Carson takes the top spot (24 percent), followed by Rubio (12 percent), Fiorina (11 percent), Cruz (11 percent) and Bush (10 percent).

Trump supporters go for Carson (23 percent), Bush (14 percent), Cruz (12 percent) and Rubio (10 percent) as their second-choice picks.

Among all GOP primary voters, the second choice favorites are: Fiorina (14 percent), Carson (13 percent), Trump (12 percent), Bush (10 percent) and Rubio (10 percent).

If Trump bails, two Hispanics and a black man pick up almost 50% of the billionaire businessman’s voters.

Moreover, if Trump bails, a woman, two Hispanics, and a black men earn 58% of total GOP support while the white guys wither and die.

The mainstream media are nothing more than a bunch of godforsaken, leftwing liars.


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