Senator James Lankford To Release Book Detailing Government Waste

Washington, D.C.

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about his forthcoming government waste book, titled “Federal Fumbles.”

The book, which will be released after Thanksgiving, will include examples of wasteful spending by the federal government, and also policy solutions.

Lankford tells Breitbart News Daily that the book, which identifies where the waste is, is an important first step toward saving American tax dollars.

“There are a lot of times you’ll hear people say, ‘well there’s government waste but we have to identify exactly what that waste is so we can actually go after it'” said Lankford. “That’s exactly what this is.”

“One of the hardest areas is duplication, everyone knows there’s lots of duplication in government,” Lankford said. “But when you ask someone, ‘ok name two programs that are duplicative’ typically there’s a long pause. “So we start to focus it on how to get after real duplication, identify it and get rid of it.”

Lankford hopes that the book will begin a conversation about cutting waste and downsizing the government.

“Government on its own is always inefficient” he said.

It’s not a business. It’s inefficient by its nature. The only way to make government more efficient is to make it smaller and to make it more local. If it has fewer things to do and its closer to your house, affecting the things around your neighborhood, it becomes more efficient. If it is large and it is distance, it is incredibly inefficient. So part of the push is to deal with real waste areas.