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What A Waste: HHS Throwing Away Billions on Medicare

A new report from the Inspector General for the Health and Human Services Department faults the agency for missing its target of keeping fraudulent Medicare payments below ten percent. I’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that HHS is wasting more than ten percent of taxpayer dollars, or that the goal was to waste only ten percent.

In this July 30, 2015 file photo, a sign supporting Medicare is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington.

The EU Gave Video Game Developers £2.4m Last Year. Why?

The European Union paid out £2.4 million of taxpayers’ money to game developers under the ‘Creative Europe’ programme last year, according to the Daily Express. Thirty-one game developers, including four from the UK, successfully received payouts sometimes exceeding £100,000. It isn’t necessarily a

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Sen. Rand Paul Reveals Government ‘Waste Report’

U.S. Senator and candidate for the Republican presidential nomination Rand Paul has released “The Waste Report,” identifying “egregious examples of wasteful spending throughout the U.S. government,” according to Paul’s press release.

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EU ‘Misusing British Aid Money’

MPs have uncovered massive waste in the EU’s aid spending programmes, to which the UK is a major contributor. Thanks to a culture within the European Commission which deems a project a success only when the full budget has been

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Coalition Spent £50m On First Class Travel

The coalition has spent £50m on First Class travel and taxis since it came into office in 2010. This is despite pledging to put an end to luxury travel. The figures were released after a parliamentary question from a Labour MP,

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