AZ Senate Panel Votes To Nullify Obama’s Executive Gun Controls

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On February 16, Arizona’s Senate Committee on Federalism, Mandates and Fiscal Responsibility approved legislation to nullify the enforcement of Obama’s executive controls within the state.

The legislation approved–SB 1452–was specifically the result of Obama’s call for an expansion of background checks at gun shows.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, Sen. Sylvia Allen (R-Snowflake) said, “President Obama needs to quit disrespecting our system of government.” Allen observed, “President Obama’s made it very clear that he can use the pen to bring about (changes) if Congress does not act as quickly as he wants them to.” But she added that Arizona “[has] more than once turned down background checks at gun shows” and the committee passage of SB 1452 is part of an effort to turn them down again.

Breitbart News previously reported Obama’s executive gun controls expanding background checks to cover more private gun sellers–including sellers at gun shows and those who sell guns online via a classified ad. Congress rejected such an expansion when Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) pushed it in 2013, and they rejected every attempt to revive the effort to expand gun control since. So Obama simply circumvented Congress and announced his own gun controls on January 5.

Arizona now joins efforts underway in Kentucky and Ohio to nullify the executive controls within their respective states.

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