Gun Show

California Lawmakers Push to Ban Gun Shows

California lawmakers in the Bay Area are pushing to ban gun shows from occurring in Cow Palace. They cite the May 18 Santa Fe, Texas, school shooting as part of the impetus for their push, although the guns used in that attack were legally owned by the gunman’s father.

Gun Show

Thousands Stand In Rain to Enter SF Gun Show

On January 9, determined gun show attendees outside San Francisco’s Cow Palace stood in a rain-soaked line that stretched across the parking lot to buy tickets to get inside. The show was held just four days after President Barack Obama

Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Everytown Admits Gun Show Background Checks Don’t Work–but Want Them for More Sales

The Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety is actively pushing an expansion of background checks for every firearm sale in Oregon, be that sale retail or private. They present the checks as the same kind of background checks required at Oregon gun shows “since 2000,” even though they admit the background checks at gun shows didn’t really stamp out private sales.


Mesquite Texas — The Gun Show Capital of America

Many would argue that Texas is the undisputed firearms capital of the world. If that is accurate, then Mesquite, Texas might have to be the gun show capital of the United States. There are several hundred gun shows in Texas during the course of the year, ranging from Market Hall in Dallas to a community recreation center in Dumas. In Mesquite, you will find a gun show in at least one of the many venues available for gun shows on a very regular basis.

Gun Show AP Photo Philip Kamrass