VIDEO: Mississippi Teacher Caught Hitting Student, Dragging Her by Her Hair

Empty Classroom
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A Mississippi teacher has been caught on camera hitting a special needs student and dragging her by her hair in a school gym.

The first video shows the student getting dragged by her hair and the second video shows the teacher hitting the student.

The Greenville Police Department and the Greenville Public School District are investigating the incident that took place at Greenville High School, WREG reported.

A representative from the Greenville Public School district said that the district is “shocked” by the teacher’s behavior and said it would not be tolerated in a press conference with Delta Daily News.

He added that the district will take disciplinary action after an investigation is completed and said it was an isolated incident.

Superintendent Dr. Leeson M. Taylor II said in the press conference that he wants to maintain a “safe environment” following the incident but would not comment on the teacher’s current status.

“We will operate in a manner that’s conducive to maintaining a safe environment,” Dr. Taylor said.  “We’re not going to have any disruptions to that environment, and whatever actions that we’ve taken has been in line with that.”

The first video has reached almost 6 million views while the second video reached 144,000 views.