‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs’ — Donald Trump Celebrates National Minority Enterprise Development Week

donald trump
AP/Evan Vucci

Donald Trump recognized winners of the National Minority Enterprise Development Week awards program, praising them for developing their talents.

“Each of you has just a remarkable past and I think an even more remarkable future,” Trump said. “Especially with Trump as your president.”

He praised minority business owners for employing 8 million people and generating more than a trillion dollars in income.

Trump also took the opportunity to promote the good news on the economy, pointing to the lowest amount of jobless claims since 1973 and the new highs in the stock market.

“As a candidate for president, I pledged to fight to deliver opportunity for every community in America,” he said. “All American children, from the rust belt to our inner cities, deserve great schools, safe neighborhoods and access to high paying jobs.”

Trump also promoted tax reform, vowing to bring overseas profits back to the United States and tax cuts for small businesses.

“Our plan can be summarized in three simple words, jobs, jobs, jobs,” he said.