Obama Celeb Wish-List: Jonas Brothers Targeted to Indoctrinate your Kids

On January 12, the Tennessean ran a story highlighting President Obama’s pursuit of celebrity backing for his re-election. In the body of the story, the newspaper released a list of 194 “celebrities” whom Obama is counting on to carry water for him between now and Nov. 2012.

The list contains celebrities you’d expect to see listed. Singers Marc Anthony, Jay-Z and Fergie, NBA players Vince Carter and Grant Hill, CEO Warren Buffett, and the well known “philanthropist” Chelsea Clinton (she’s described as a philanthropist on the list) all made the cut. None of this is too surprising until you scroll on down and find Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas listed as “surrogates” for Obama’s re-election.

Upon seeing their names, my first thought was: “Wow, children’s television stars. I guess after they teach our kids how to count they can teach them to vote for Obama.” After all, kids are their target audience, as the kinds of awards they’re nominated for demonstrate. Just last year Nick and Joe Jonas were nominated for Kids’ Choice Awards in the Best TV Actor category, and Joe received “two nominations at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards: one of which was ‘choice male hottie.'” I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, folks.

But upon further reflection, the hypocrisy of the Jonas Brothers’ support for Obama simply wasn’t funny anymore.

For here are three kids, now young men, who live sheltered, cushy lives and who “made it” musically only because the Disney Channel force-fed them down the throats of viewers after signing them to a Disney record label, Hollywood records, in 2007. Yet they’re supporting a President who spends 99 percent of his time talking about how advantaged people who live sheltered, cushy lives are not paying their fair share.

Think about it: When Nick Jonas celebrated his 16th birthday in Sept. 2008, he did so by playing baseball with his brothers and some friends in Dodgers Stadium. The cost for doing this for two hours was about $30,000.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with people being rich. As a matter of fact, I wish everyone were able to be rich and spend thirty thousand dollars for a two-hour birthday bash. However, we should all have a problem with a bunch of kids, now young men, who support a President who’s doing everything in his power to change our economy so that it’s and harder to become rich, especially when these kids are some of the very ones who benefited from the kinds of help Obama calls “unfair.”

The bottom line: the list of 194 makes it clear that once the Jonas Brothers pick up their Kids’ Choice Awards and finish teaching your kids how to count, they’re going to encourage them to vote for Obama.