'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer: 'I'm Gotham's Reckoning'

'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer: 'I'm Gotham's Reckoning'


The last trailer told us about the film’s plot. This one tells us about something that’s even more important: the film’s themes.

Looks amazing.

Can July 20 get here fast enough?

Ace Showbiz:

Warner Bros. Pictures has finally unveiled the third and final trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” in full. Boasting tons of new footage, the trailer offers a closer look at the chaos spread by Bane. At some points, the terrorist is featured exploding bridges and high-jacking an aircraft.

While Bane continues his brutal actions in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne a.k.a Batman is not in a good condition to fight back. Instead of picturing Wayne as a tough superhero, the trailer presents him more like a vulnerable man who is unprepared to face Bane’s massive attack.

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