One Percenter Letterman Mocks Romney for Being Rich

One Percenter Letterman Mocks Romney for Being Rich

David Letterman recently reminded his audience he’s all in for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Never mind that it’s practically written in the Late Night Host Manifesto that comedians tastefully torment presidents with their barbs.

Now, Letterman is turning his attention to presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And one of the first lines of attack appears to be Romney’s wallet. Never mind that Letterman became rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams by telling jokes for a living, or that former presidential candidate John Kerry was also fabulously wealthy.

When there’s an ideological agenda to push, Letterman won’t let such matters get in his way.

I was talking to Mitt Romney earlier today, and he and his family got a big two day weekend planned. They’re going to hike to the top of his money.

Knee-slapping stuff. 

Letterman would pull a groin muscle hiking to the top of his own stash of cash, and the same holds true for many of the celebrity guests who grace his “Late Show” couch. That hardly matters. Why should we hate Romney, or mock him, for being rich? Did he cheat or steal to get it, or did he simply participate in the American economic system … just like Letterman did?