Rock Idol Patti Smith More Concerned With Insects Than Terrorism

Rock Idol Patti Smith More Concerned With Insects Than Terrorism

Declaring the deaths of thousands of innocents throughout the world “nothing” is the least of what this soulless “rock idol” had to say.

Bees are more important than terrorism, donhacknow.

Today’s reminder that hippies are the worst:


Ask her if she’s optimistic in this presidential election year, and the answer comes back firm and fast: “No. I voted for Obama. I was very happy when he won. But Obama hasn’t really been able to effectively do anything that has made me…” Smith, not one for woolly words, stops. Then she starts. “He hasn’t helped the environment. He didn’t close Guantánamo Bay. He went deeper into Afghanistan.”

And he did this, says Smith, because he was following the line peddled by “the last regime”. George W Bush’s White House, she avers, “completely embedded the idea that the most important issue in the whole world is terrorism. It’s not the most important issue in the world,” she says with a solemn shake of her head. “When you think about how many people the terrorists have killed, its nothing. It’s not as many as die on a bicycle in America probably in a year or something.”

She believes the environment matters more. “And I’ve said this over and over, but I’ll say it a million more times — I’m concerned more about the death of a bee than I am about terrorism. Because we’re losing hives and bees by the millions because of such strong pesticides. We can live with terrorism. We can’t live without the bee.”

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