Entertainment Company Employees Give Overwhelmingly to Democrats

Entertainment Company Employees Give Overwhelmingly to Democrats

Ever wonder why the vast majority of politically charged entertainment content favors left of center arguments?

Wonder no more.

Between Jan. 1, 2011, and July 20, 2012, employees at the seven major media conglomerates — Comcast, Disney, News Corp., Time Warner, CBS, Viacom and Sony – donated $4.1 million to Democrats and only $711,000 to Republicans. That means Hollywood employees are backing Dems with about six times as much cash as the GOP.

Even those employed by News Corp., home of Fox News Channel and controlled by the conservative-leaning Rupert Murdoch, gave the vast majority of their political dollars to Democrats, to the tune of $488,000 compared with $165,000.

What about the folks at HBO, the pay cable giant known for its hard-left programming (“The Newsroom,” “Game Change,” “Real Time with Bill Maher”)?

Those who work at Time Warner, home of HBO and Time magazine, lean the most lopsidedly left, according to the figures, with the conglomerate’s employees giving $1.1 million to Democrats and a meager $39,000 to Republicans.