Madonna Drives Fans Away with Obama Worship

Madonna Drives Fans Away with Obama Worship

The Material Girl took her Obama worship to new heights last night during a Pittsburgh concert appearance, sending people who paid hundreds to see her heading for the exits.

Madonna started the night off on the wrong note when she made fans at the Consul Energy Center wait … and wait … before gracing the stage. The show was slated to start at 8 p.m. but began at 10:45 p.m. without an excuse from the singer.

A Pittsburgh-area woman who paid $400 for her ticket told Breitbart News that a Center employee said Madonna was busy watching the election returns.

The ticket holder, who voted for Mitt Romney but describes herself as socially liberal and a registered independent, says she’s not the kind of person who flinches around hardcore Obama supporters.

The concert featured Madonna engaging in erotic dance movements, repeatedly shooting a fake gun and staging a number around a church confessional.

So far, so typical.

Soon, Madonna began weaving Obama’s name into her songs, saying things like, “we’re winning … go Obama … Obama for president.” The singer even kissed her signature biceps while chanting Obama’s name.

“I didn’t pay $400 to go to an Obama rally,” she tells BNN of what she called a thoroughly unprofessional performance. “I feel like I made a mistake. I won’t make the mistake again.”

The woman and several of her friends stood up and left, even though the concert was less than a half hour old. They weren’t alone. The woman estimates as much as 10 percent of the crowd appeared to head for the exits during the relentless Obama appeals.

“I’ve never been to a social venue where people were so angry,” she says. “She further divided the country.”