Hillary Primed for Unified Support from Hollywood in 2016

Los Angeles, CA

Hillary Clinton’s upcoming run at the White House will reportedly have a unified backing from Hollywood Democrats, who were divided in their support between Hillary and eventual nominee Barack Obama in 2008.

2016 offers few alternatives for Tinsel Town Democrats who may not be sold on another Clinton presidential bid, which is precisely why entertainment industry heavyweights like Jeffrey Katzenberg, who snubbed Hillary for Obama in 2008, have already pledged support to make her top dog, according to a report from Variety.

The entertainment news site reports a number of major industry figures have been raising money for Clinton for over two years now, and speculates the drive may be to ensure major supporters find themselves unified this time around.

In an attempt to prevent a possible division within Hollywood’s ranks, major Hollywood fundraisers are planning ahead, and fear the absence of organized support could result in the undoing of “all that President Obama has accomplished,” according to Gonring Spahn & Associates firm head Andy Spahn.

“There is both great respect for Hillary and great enthusiasm for her expected candidacy,” Spahn told Variety “The stakes are so high…possible Supreme Court appointments and the threat the Republican agenda poses…”

Spahn’s firm represents Katzenberg and Spielberg, as well as other major film figures.

While a candidate of Obama’s unique significance is not expected to cause a division this election cycle, Hollywood is not taking chances.

“I don’t see any sideline sitting in Hollywood on this one,” a major Southern California fundraiser told the site. “There is a lot of entertainment money coming in there… You will see they are in a giving mood, in a pretty serious way.”

Billionaire and media magnate Haim Saban, a longtime friend of the Clintons, has scheduled a May event for Hillary at his Los Angeles home, which she will attend as she travels for her first official trip to the city as candidate Clinton, according to fundraising sources, as reported by the site.

Saban is a major Democratic Party donor, and has reportedly pledged to contribute “as much as needed” to Clinton’s campaign.

As 2008’s probable front-runner, Hillary threw her hat in the ring, but Hollywood was quickly polarized after Obama’s entrance into the race, and Clinton was soon on the outside looking in.

Seinfeld creator Larry David then described Hillary as “unhinged,” while producer Harvey Weinstein allegedly threatened to cut House Democrats off if then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not agree to a primary revote that could have allowed Hillary to secure added delegates in Florida and Michigan, per Variety.

Funny or Die co-creator Adam McKay said to the site last September that he thinks her favorability is dependent on “how horrible the Republican candidate is.” He and a few others are apparently in the minority, as stars continue to align to stand behind the former First Lady.

Since her resignation as Secretary of State, Clinton has appeared at numerous major Hollywood events, including the SuperPAC “Ready for Hillary,” which was hosted by producer Howard Gordon and featured live music from Burt Bacharach.

In October Clinton and Katzenberg raised $2.1 million for Senate candidates in Brentwood, CA

On Thursday, it was reported that a source close to Hillary confirmed that she will officially announce her 2016 presidential bid this weekend, on Saturday or Sunday.”

Last week, actor Robert De Niro spoke of a Clinton White House bid, and said she has “earned the right” to become President:

“Hopefully it will be her, yes,” said De Niro. “I think that she’s paid her dues. There are going to be no surprises, and she has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point. It’s that simple. And she’s a woman, which is very important because her take on things may be what we need right now.”

Despite Hollywood’s apparent overwhelming support for Hillary, other stars are staunch in their support for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who currently has no plans to enter the race.

A group called “Artists for Warren,” which is made up of more than 90 performers, has urged the lawmaker to make a bid for the White House.

“Senator Warren, we’re ready to show you that you have the support needed to enter this presidential race,” the group said in a message.

“Artists for Warren” includes Susan Sarandon, Olivia Wilde, Edward Norton, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, Chloe Sevigny, Julia Stiles and Natasha Lyonne, among others.