Media Watch: WaPo's Glaring Lies of Omission Exposed in Ryan Attack

Over and over and over again Breitbart News has caught the Washington Post coordinating with the Obama campaign to time attacks against Mitt Romney.

This morning, Keith Hennessey at Real Clear Politics, points out some jaw-dropping lies of omission committed by the Post’s Lori Montgomery:

Today’s Washington Post contains an election-season hatchet job on Paul Ryan by reporter Lori Montgomery, “Amid debt crisis, Paul Ryan sat on the sidelines.” I would expect a story like this on the Newsweek or Huffington Postsites, but the Post purports to be nonpartisan and balanced.  …

She writes that Mr. Ryan “did draft a blueprint for wiping out deficits by 2040,” but she fails to mention that he passed that plan through the House. She does not report that Mr. Ryan’s staff were providing behind-the-scenes technical assistance to Speaker Boehner during the Grand Bargain negotiation. She doesn’t report that Mr. Ryan loaned his budget committee staff director to Mr. Hensarling on the super committee. She doesn’t mention that Mr. Ryan’s prediction that the super committee would fail came true, or that the Obama White House was AWOL during the super committee negotiations. She doesn’t mention that he voted for the Budget Control Act of 2011, for the tax rate extensions at the end of 2010, and for the FY 2012 Omnibus Appropriations Act, three major bipartisan fiscal laws that deeply split House Republicans.

You’ll want to read it all.

Hennessey’s takedown is brutal but only because the Post gave him so much dishonesty to expose.