Obama Spills to US Weekly: 'Homeland Is My Favorite TV Show!'

Obama Spills to US Weekly: 'Homeland Is My Favorite TV Show!'

As it turns out, Barack Obama can chew gum and walk at the same time. Which is to say, he can sign large checks from FEMA and do interviews with US Weekly at the same time. But he can’t tell the truth about Benghazi. That would force him to either jettison the FEMA or the US Weekly. And he’s not about to jettison US Weekly.

This week, Obama joins the teenybopper magazine to explain five things Americans didn’t know about him. Hold your breath – here they are:

In the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands Friday, Obama, 51, reveals surprising tidbits about life inside the White House with wife Michelle, 48, and daughters Malia, 14, and Sasha, 11, his downtime (Homeland, anyone?), the bear hug he didn’t expect, and much more. (Us offered the same opportunity to Obama’s opponent, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney; Romney declined.)

As voters head to the polls in mere days, Obama shares 5 things you didn’t know about him with Us.

1. Michelle and I have officially (and famously) been on a Kiss Cam. But our first kiss was outside of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Chicago’s Hyde Park.

2. I was once bear-hugged by a Republican pizza shop owner in Florida. I thought it was hilarious, but I’m not sure how the Secret Service felt about it.

3. Homeland is my favorite TV show.

4. Malia entered high school this year. I’m not looking forward to when she’s old enough to go to prom.

5. I voted early in Chicago. No matter who you’re voting for, there’s no reason to stay home and not make your voice heard in this election. Find out how you can vote early at GottaVote.com.

We already knew all of these things. Two of them are clearly campaign talking points. And all of them are annoying.

But what’s most annoying is this CelePresident doing interviews like this and hitting up Leno while ignoring the deaths of Americans in Benghazi.