Media Whine Obama's 'Worse Than Bush' While Carrying His Shutdown Water

Media Whine Obama's 'Worse Than Bush' While Carrying His Shutdown Water

The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone does a good job breaking down a new report that looks at the Obama administration’s treatment of the media. The study’s bottom line is that when it comes to media requests, hyper-criticism of media coverage, and outright intimidation, Obama is “worse than Bush.” This isn’t the first time the media have complained about this White House. And once again, the media seem to think whining will change things, as opposed to earning Obama’s respect through accurate, objective reporting.  

What we have here is another case of Battered Media Syndrome, where Obama’s lovers in the media boo-hoo about being treated shabbily, but will never leave him. Why would Obama change his tactics towards the media when he knows they are wrapped ’round his little finger — when he knows that no matter how poorly he treats them, the media will always and forever subordinate their integrity to his agenda and protection.

At this very moment, as the media release their little crybaby reports, they are also prostrating themselves on the mantle of Obama’s shutdown politics. The media are lying, calling for the market to panic, lobbing softballs, and angling any budge on his part as a “negotiation” and any budge on the GOP’s part as a “cave.”

In other words, there is absolutely no incentive for Obama to become a better boyfriend when he knows his media concubines will never stop sacrificing themselves for him.

If the media want Obama to change, they need to change first. Were they to start treating Obama with half the energy, skepticism, and accountability they showed towards Bush, then there would be an incentive for him to change.

Right now, like a spoiled rock star looking at his desperate groupies, Obama is laughing at the media — and rightfully so.


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