Radar: 'CNN Wants To Replace News With Game Shows'

Radar: 'CNN Wants To Replace News With Game Shows'

Radar Online reports that “CNN chief Jeff Zucker wants to add game shows to his channel’s programming, according to a new leaked Sony email.”

Zucker, who headed NBC before joining CNN, approached Sony television executives in late October to propose the company produce a political version of their long-running game show Jeopardy, according to an email sent to Sony Pictures Television President Steve Mosko on November 6, 2014.

“Steve I met with Zucker this week and he asked if we would consider doing political jeopardy show for cnn. I’m guessing it’s a non starter but wanted to ask you how to respond to him,” read the e-mail from John Weiser, the president of Sony Pictures Television Distribution.

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In 2009, longtime CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer humiliated himself on “Jeopardy.” The damage to his reputation was permanent.  

To save his collapsing network, Zucker has moved away from news and slated more reality programming and documentaries. He’s also shoved the news coverage to the left of MSNBC, which might explain why CNN and MSNBC have recently switched places in the rankings. MSNBC is now in third, while CNN is in second. 

CNN not only bought into the Trayvon Martin and Ferguson race hoaxes, the network helped perpetuate both with false reporting, race-baiting, and outright lies. 

Both CNN and MSNBC are way behind Fox News in the ratings, and have been for more than 10 years. 

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