MSNBC Demotes Al Sharpton From Weeknights to Sunday Mornings


After four failed years, Al Sharpton’s “PoliticsNation,” a ratings  and civic disaster in every respect, has been canceled as a weeknight primetime MSNBC program. Sharpton’s final show will air September 4. A month later, October 4, the show will reemerge a Sunday morning show.

The racial demagogue responded by saying that this is what he wanted all along:

“I never wanted to be a weeknight pundit. I wanted to be a Sunday morning newsmaker. I wanted to be Dr. Martin Luther King, not Larry King.”

“I’m very happy,” he said Wednesday. “First, I can reach a wider audience of people who don’t get home by 6 at night. Second, I can now get the A-list guests and newsmakers I want. And third, a Sunday morning host is what I always wanted to be.

The Obama era is coming to an end at MSNBC.

This is part of the low-rated network’s move to what it claims will be a return to  objective journalism.


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