Media Critic: Would 'Post' Have Run Subway Cover If Victim Was White?

This morning on Soledad O’Brien’s unwatchable CNN morning show, a couple of left-wing media critics were brought on to discuss the the New York Post‘s decision to make this morning’s cover a gruesome photo of Ki Suk Han moments before he died at the hands of an oncoming subway train.

Daily Download editor-in-chief Lauren Ashburn wondered if racial motive was involved, asking, “Would The Post have published this if [the victim] were a white woman?”

Ki Suk Han was an Asian male.

I have a better question, “Would Ashburn ask such a stupid question if the Post weren’t owned by Rupert Murdoch?”

To her credit, O’Brien immediately dismissed Ashburn’s race-gender baiting and went back to the subject at hand. 

The other media critic was Howard Kurtz, who writes for the Daily Download, and defended the Post’s decision to run the photo.

Ashburn’s absurd assertion, which was obviously meant to create a Narrative against the Post, accusing them of exploiting the death of — bum, bum, bummmm — an Asian man, is yet another example of how emboldened the media is by Obama’s victory – which the media believes (and not without justification) was the result of one divisive Narrative after another involving race and gender.


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