RE: Media Bias

In response to Editing history:

John Hayward asks:

 How many of these phony lefty legends become “conventional wisdom”through force of repetition, long after we right-wing killjoys debunkthem?  How many low-information voters still think Mitt Romney cheatedon his taxes, or Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house?  

We would be remiss here at Breitbart if we neglected to mention the most egregious example of a “phony lefty legend” becoming conventional wisdom to “Low info voters”. That would be the March 20, 2010, Kill the Bill tea party where it was alleged that protesters abused black congressmen with racial epithets.

Thestory was reported as fact by news organizations including Fox News andMcClatchy News, but Breitbart called baloney and exposed it as aconcoction of the congressmen who peddled it.
One can say this with something approaching metaphysical certaintybecause of the utter lack of evidence supporting it under circumstanceswhere there would have been such evidence had it happened as alleged.The key to the case was Breitbart’s offer of a $100,000 reward to anyoneproducing video of the epithets being shouted. There were no takersbecause it didn’t happen.

 One can reasonably conclude that the congressmen’s story was afabrication intended to defame the Tea Party movement and distractattention from the resistance to Obamacare.

Andrew Breitbart was our leader in the fight against what he called the “Democrat Media Complex”, and made great strides in stamping out that particular narrative. Even so – years later, media libs like Juan Williams still refer to that episode as an example of “tea party racism”. 

Low info voters are “default liberals” as Breitbart often noted he once was. Many of these folks are intelligent, busy professionals who are not terribly ideological,  moderate to conservative in their personal lives, but unfortunately still swayed by the MSM, which they consider the most trustworthy source for news. They hear a soundbite about NRA goons heckling the poor Sandy Hook victim’s dad, and they think, “wow, what rude, disgusting jerks.” End of story.

We have hundreds of mini Breibarts continuing this fight against the Democrat Media Complex on Twitter and blogs, and collectively, we chip away at their dishonest narratives. But the fact remains, there was a huge disruption in the force when we lost our General nearly a year ago. The best way for conservatives to go over the heads of the MSM is to be loud and proud and unafraid as Andrew Breitbart wasbut he was one in a million.

As far as our political leaders go, I favor the brutally frank, and bombastic style of Chris Christie (politics aside), and the unwavering and unapologetic perseverance of  Scott Walker. These men are lightening rods for the left-wing media but their particular styles allow them to go over their heads and speak directly to the American people – like Reagan did.

Leaders who are able to unabashedly and aggressively affirm capitalism and conservatism are huge part of the solution.