Different Time/Different Agenda

Different Time/Different Agenda

In response to Remember When the Gabrielle Giffords Shooting Was Sarah Palin’s Fault?:

How could we ever forget. It was one of the most shameful examples of the organized left and the MSM  working in tandem in recent memory (and there’s a lot of competition.)

Two years ago there was a presidential election to win on the horizon – the Democrat media complex instinctively knew better than to use the Tucson shooting as a pretext for gun control.  But the horrific incident was instantly  deemed an an excellent opportunity to flog conservatives over the head for their “uncivil rhetoric” aka inconvenient criticism of their agenda.

In January 2011, I compiled a list of the contemptible creatures who made sure they “didn’t let the crisis go to waste.”

The Tucson Massacre Hall of Shame: Liberals Who Used Tragedy to Smear the Right

Never Forget.