Phony Phenoms: HBO's 'Girls' Is the New '30 Rock'

Now that the laughably low-rated “30 Rock” has finally ended its seven season affirmative-action-for-elite-wealthy-liberals run on NBC, it looks as though HBO’s “Girls” will replace it as the next artificially manufactured national phenom no one likes or watches except for elite, wealthy liberals who infest the media.

Colbert and Stewart also fit in there somewhere.

“NCIS” consistently enjoys four and five times the audience “30 Rock” did, and probably 20 times the audience “Girls” does. But facts don’t matter to the media, even in matters involving popular culture.

You see, “Girls’ and “The Daily Show” and “30 Rock” and Obama’s recovery are phenoms.

Not because they’re phenoms.

But because the media says they’re phenoms.

Got that, racists?

Hey, what’s the difference between Bigfoot and “Girls?”

More people have seen Bigfoot.