An App Fit for a King

A friend sent me a link to this Yahoo News article ostensibly praising the White House app. Yes, apparently there is an app that gets all the media content being produced by the White House. As the review goes on author Virginia Heffernan seems to lose some of her objectivity:

If you want
the facts about the president’s plans, the White House app suggests,
listen to the president’s own guys.

Didn’t Pravda operate on a similar premise?

All I can say is that Obama’s app, like his new media team, like his
campaign, like his stealthy online presence, is aggressive but silky
smooth. The Obama persona seeks world domination by scorched-earth

Are we talking about the President or did the new issue of Tiger Beat just drop?

it’s never desperate; it’s always professional; and it’s a little short
on true interactivity. I’d say it was regal.

Hey girl…it’s Obama, the king of your heart.

But Obama is a president and democratically elected in a country with a
nominally free press, so I would be uncomfortable comparing him to a
king, even a kindly one.

Whew! For a minute there I thought you were going overboard but you totally saved it. Totally.