Seth MacFarlane's Terrific Oscar-Opener; Way to Go, Ben Affleck!

Stuff called “life” came up and I wasn’t able to see last night’s Oscar telecast. But thanks to the great clips our TV team grabbed and this full 15-minute video of MacFarlane’s opener, it looks like MacFarlane did a great job.  

Normally an Internet video can hold my attention for about 92 seconds tops, but I enjoyed all of 15 minutes and now kind of regret missing the show. Huge bonus points to MacFarlane for bringing William Shatner in on the gag — who once again proved he’s The Shat and then some.

So Seth MacFarlane pretty much owns the Fox Network on Sunday nights, wrote and directed the biggest comedy (“Ted”) hit ever; can sing, dance, and act; has limitless voice talent; is filthy rich and blessed with the looks of a movie star; and has now successfully hosted the Oscars.  

What’s not to hate?

In other Oscar news, I was very happy to see that Ben Affleck’s Hollywood comeback is not only complete but reached heights no one imagined possible just a few years ago. Though I haven’t seen “Argo” yet, his debut “Gone Baby Gone” and follow up “The Town”  were absolutely superb.

Affleck’s always seemed like a nice guy, and the tabloid whirlwind he got caught up during his romance with Jennifer Lopez would’ve destroyed anybody else. Today he’s a family man, an A-List director, and one of less than a hundred directors in history to helm a Best Picture.