With President Implicated, Origin of Sequester Now a Distraction

Having recently confessed that, yes, the sequester was a White House proposal, progressives are now trying to downplay that admission in any way possible. Ideally, they’d like us all to ignore the fact that the White House has been lying about this for 4 months. That’s the inescapable conclusion you get reading this Bob Woodward piece on the genesis of the proposal and the President’s attempt to distance himself from it.

Progressive’s latest move is to proclaim it an outrage that we are wasting the nation’s time arguing about this when the ship of state is about to hit an iceberg in the form of devastating sequester cuts. You have to admire their chutzpah. Four months blaming the GOP (falsely) but suddenly, now that the President is implicated, we can’t afford another second on this topic. Case in point, here’s unregistered White House lobbyist Hilary Rosen today in the Washington Post:

the latest round of debate
has been almost exclusively focused on who came up with the
sequestration idea in the first place. Only in Washington could we waste
so much time debating the origins of a crisis as it stares us in the

Yet just last week, even as the President’s dissembling on sequester was unraveling, Rosen wrote “Republicans are responsible for creating the sequester in the first place.” The blame game matters right up until it begins to cut in the other direction. Then, suddenly, it’s time to raise the tone of the debate.