T.I., Hip Hop Hypocrisy, and Gun Control

In 2007, on the night of the BET Awards, T.I. was arrested for gun possession.  You can read more about the incident here.

The point never discussed is Hip Hop’s reaction to T.I.’s arrest.  Most of the fans said he was stupid for having a weapon as a felon.  The he releases this song….


For Hip Hop commentary, silly as it sounds, we look to the comedians. The good ones lace the truth into laughs. So for the purpose of this article, let me quote the great and wise Mike Epps…

The government can’t find Bin Laden but they can tell you everything T.I. did on the night of the BET Awards.

It’s the same argument Conservative and 2nd amendment advocates use in the gun control debate.  The government spends time arresting American citizens instead of focusing on the true criminals.

T.I. explains himself and his motives, that’s not my job.  Does his felon status mean he can never regain his rights?  Especially the right to protect the home he’s worked to build and the family he’s raised?



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