Andrew Breitbart Returns to CPAC2013

Many stories have been written about how Breitbart ROCKED CPAC.  I want to shout out everyone but post here are supposed to be short and there’s a lot to be said.  But, you know who you are.

My personal mission at CPAC2013 was to have an epiphany about Andrew Breitbart.  It’s been rough, mentally, since Novemeber.  I’m surrounded by family, friends, associates, neighbors, and strangers singing the praises of a president bringing the greatest country the world has ever know down to its knees.

Let me make you laugh, or cry.  My neighbor came to my house a couple days after the election, “Obama! Hope and Change!  HAHAHA!”  Three days later, she was evicted because she couldn’t find a job in Obama’s economy. AND THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE ARE LOSING TO?!?!?!?!?!?

I just really wanted to get a glimpse of Andrew Breitbart.  Leaving the National Harbor and CPAC behind, I thought I had failed at reaching my goal.

I bought Mike, my fiance, with me to CPAC this year.  On the ride home he was extremely quiet.  I was still sailing on clouds from hanging with Steven Crowder, Kathy McMorris Rodgers, Reince Priebus, Ann Coulter, and (my favorite part) honoring Katie Pavlich with the Blogger of the Year of award; I wasn’t paying attention to his silence.

Vanity! That’s how you miss an epiphany.  I wasn’t going to find Andrew Breitbart at CPAC.  I already have my portion of Andrew inside me.

Mike saw Andrew Breitbart at CPAC.  The entire Breitbart team made sure he had everything he needed, while I was running to and fro.  David Webb reached out to him and pulled him onto the radio.  Jim Hoft showed him more attention than he gave me (a little jealous on that one). And his favorite part, the people in the crowd that stopped him and started random conversations about their families, culture, and experiences.

Mike found his voice and used it to tell the truth.  A new voice finding confidence in speaking out; how much closer to Andrew can you get than that?


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