Capitalism on RNC's 'Autopsy' Table

In response to If blacks don’t reward GOP for civil rights, why would Latinos reward GOP for amnesty?:

I’m not bashing RNC for “autopsy” report.  I’ve come to expect them to react and not lead.  Fool me once….type of deal.

Here’s the rub.  Making a big deal about your “change” or “failure”, is like admitting all the Liberal stereotypes were correct.  For the last four years I’ve been championing the fact that inclusivity already existed on the right.  Now it’s like the RNC makes a liar out of me and other blacks that have stuck their necks out prior to RNC’s awakening.

 My major beef is moving away from the “party of RICH PEOPLE”.  How stupid can they be?  Capitalism is the core of a conservative message.  You can’t tell some to pull themselves up by the boot  straps in an economy of inflated money, crony capitalism, and a government capable of amassing a 17 Trillion dollar debt.

If the RNC is afraid to sell growth, free markets, limited regulations, and basic economics, then I don’t care what color they dress up the elephant, it’s a party that truly deserves an autopsy.


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