While Karl Marx is UNKNOWN in Chicago…the Violence Will Continue

War on Drugs. War on Poverty. Fight for Civil Rights.  All of them sound good.  The black community is savaged by drug addicted, poor, and oppressed people. (stereotype)

This is ususally the part where I quote Karl Marx but the black community doesn’t know Karl Marx. The Democrats teach the tenants of Marx but never give him credit for his ideology.  They would rather mask Marx with the teachings of Jesus to create Black Liberation Theology.

If black America doesnt know about Karl Marx, then how can you fight the ideology of the left?  They get mad when we call them Socialist because they don’t want the “victims” or “useful idiots” to wake up too soon.

Which brings us to Chicago and breaking the grip of Socialism to stop the violence.  I’ll say it again, Progressives in Chicago push children towards Socialism and black males, especially, repel from it.  They run to the only bastion of capitalism they can find; the destructive capitalism of drugs, illegal guns, and pimping.

Their hatred for Socialism is so strong they would turn their city into a warzone to prevent living under its conditons. Seeing with their own eyes- and feeling with their own hands- that evil exists, they will never believe a preacher, politician, or anyone else that tries to convince them Utopia (a place void of evil) is actually possible.

So they tune out politics, faith, and the basic principles of a civil society.  It’s not hard when the only place you feel comfortable and wanted leads to a pine box or a steel cage.

And isn’t it funny?  If they knew about Marx, his teachings, and their inevitable effects (death, destruction, and dictatorship) ahead of time, maybe it would be easier to place blame on the system that created their poverty.


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