Gosnell and Media Bias

In response to Gosnell and Big News:

John beat me to the punch in answering Ace’s question, “if Gosnell gets the death penalty, what will the media say then?”

Fast and Furious was the first thing I thought of, as well. As John noted, NBC “clocked in” for the very first time in June of 2012 on a story Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News and many conservative bloggers had been reporting on since at least March of 2011. 

Taking their role as Obama’s premiere palace guards with utmost seriousness, NBC allowed itself to miss out on scoop after scoop after juicy scoop for nearly a year and a half. It wasn’t until Holder testified in the Senate on June 12, 2011, and top Republicans were telling him to step down, that NBC finally swallowed their pride and covered the story. 

The impending contempt vote in the House rather required some coverage because at that point NBC viewers would have had to have heard about the Attorney General being held in contempt somewhere and would be wondering why no one had told them about it.

Of course NBC covered Fast and Furious to make Republicans look like racist bad guys, making political hay during an election year about a “bungled gun smuggling operation.” (It was cute how they avoided the overused “botched”.)

You may remember Andrea Mitchell calling the whole thing a “distraction.”

In the case of the Gosnell abortion horror story, it’s hard to see how they could blame Republicans, or call it a distraction, but I guess 

Ace’s favorite feminist blogger has already paved the way on this.

John Sexton and Ace are reporting that a few MSMers are finally reporting on the Gosnell story, but we have a long way to go before we reach the type of wall to wall coverage we’ve all seen local stories get that have Democrat friendly narratives, like the Trayvon Martin, Newtown, and Matthew Shepard stories. 

In any case, as the left-wing media’s dereliction on Fast and Furious certainly showed us – there will be no apologies, explanations and especially no signs of embarrassment or shame from the offending news outlets that have ignored this story for two years.