Shulman Visited White House 118 Times During Tea Party Targeting

In response to Cummings Fails to Ask Shulman If He Is a Democrat:

Democrats are actually asking the witnesses tough questions in today’s Oversight and Reform hearing, instead of running interference for them (like they’ve done in past scandals like Fast and Furious and Benghazi) because they realize how toxic an issue this is to American taxpayers of every political stripe.

But the fact that Cummings tried to establish that former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman was unbiased in how he performed his job, suggests to me that he wants people to believe that the targeting was done by Shulman’s  underlings.  I’m thinking the Democrat strategy is to contain the damage to the Tax Exempt Organizations department at the IRS in order to protect the Obama administration.

Not helpful to that cause was Rep. Jim Jordan’s revelation that according to White House visitor logs, Shulman visited the White House 118 times in 2010 and 2011, while the tea party was being targeted. 

Inspector General Russell George said during testimony that he did not speak with anybody in the White House about targeting of Tea Party groups during his audit and did not ask IRS officials if they communicated with the White House about the targeting.