Egyptian Protestors Attack Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

On Monday morning, protestors stormed the national Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters in Cairo.  “People are reported to have ransacked the building in the eastern Moqattam district and also set it on fire.”

Millions of protestors took to the streets on Sunday to demand the US-backed Morsi regime step down. The opposition movement (Tamarod) gave Morsi until Tuesday to resign.  “The crowds seen in Cairo’s Tahrir Square were the biggest since the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.” 

The protestors stormed the building, removing the Muslim Brotherhood sign and hanging an Egyptian flag from the balcony. The protestors further warned “complete civil disobedience” if Morsi did not resign from office.  They were not interested in negotiation. 

“There is no way to accept any half measures,” it said. “There is no alternative other than the peaceful end of power of the Muslim Brotherhood and its representative, Mohammed Morsi.”

Morsi told the Guardian newspaper: “If we changed someone in office who [was elected] according to constitutional legitimacy – well, there will be people opposing the new president too, and a week or a month later they will ask him to step down.”

He went on to say, 

“There is no room for any talk against this constitutional legitimacy. There can be demonstrations and people expressing their opinions. But what’s critical in all this is the adoption and application of the constitution. This is the critical point.”