Poll: Obama Approval Craters to Record Low

According to the latest IBD/TIPP Presdential Leadership Index, Obama’s approval rating is at a record low.  The Presidential Leadership Index dropped to 43% from 49% a month ago.  “The 11.7% slide was the worst since Obama took office. For the fourth straight month, the reading stood below 50, signaling disapproval.”  The survey was conducted by TechnoMetrica and took place June 24-29 among 857 adults.

“Each day that passes there’s a new mention of these things,” TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence President Raghavan Mayur said of the NSA, IRS and other scandals. “They seem to kind of fester. They don’t seem to go away.”

The recently revealed government surveillance program was not well-received by the public.  Fifty-nine percent said the government surveillance invades innocent American’s privacy and the split among independents was even more pronounced with 75% saying so.  Democrats were not thrilled either, as 42% felt that the surveillance invaded privacy. 

Obama did not fare well on the issue of IRS targeting, as 48% believe White House officials ordered the targeting.

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