The Parental Equivalent of ObamaCare

The worst parents in the world who didn’t actually murder their children.

Okay first things first. The children are aged 9, 12, 13, and 15. So, first off, they’re all drunk.

The 9-year-old had a blood-alcohol level of 0.087 percent and her older siblings tested between 0.049 and 0.073 percent, police said.

Not necessarily the parents’ fault? Well, yes it is, as the parents told their kids they either had to drink alcohol or swallow Mom’s prescription pills to go to sleep.

And the kids had a lot to say to social services, after they sobered up:

In later interviews, the children told investigators that they were often hit by their parents. The youngest boy told authorities he never attended school and was locked inside his room with a bucket, and would get in trouble for not taking care of their family’s 50 snakes.

One surprise is that they kept moving from state to state, to avoid social services paying them a visit, and that Florida is not among these states.

The children also told police they had been punished for taking food while their parents were out, and had discovered child pornography on their father’s computers. Several videos and images depicting child pornography were found during a search of the home, authorities said.
Police said in the complaint that the home was extremely filthy, had a strong odor that made it difficult to breathe, and had animals in every room; including snakes, lizards, rats, rabbits, birds, a dog, a cat and a pot-belly pig.

Oh, and they also found a .30-30 rifle on the living room floor, right next to empty beer cans. For the kids to trip over as they managed the family’s 50 snakes and other assorted collected animals and vermin while stumbling about drunk and doped up on pills.

The parents, who frankly look guilty just by their pictures, say their kids are just Great Big Liars, That’s What They Are. 

The family’s 50 snakes and pet rats could not be reached for comment.

And what do you do for a living, Sir?

— Oh, I’m a rat farmer.

Rat farmer?  Is that a good living?

— The benefits are good.

What are the benefits?

— Free rats.  (tobacco spit)